Based on the book "Proceed to Peshawar"




Not every hero is known. There are those who care more about the mission than the glory. A select few that are motivated by integrity, not power. 

Major Gordon Enders is part of an elite class of men who wanted to change the world, but didn’t care if he got credit for it. Enders just might be one of the most crucial players in World War II that you never heard of. That is, of course, because the most successful spies are the ones you never knew were there.

The film Khyber Pass explores a side of world history that remains largely untold. It looks through the lens of the Middle East/East Asia during the second Great War.


Our protagonist, Enders, was perhaps the sole American who was able to traverse these mysterious lands and endear himself to the people. He had a remarkable ability to relate to tribal cultures and customs, which enabled him to earn the trust of the notoriously skeptical Afghan people.

130 AWZ Chitral-Quetta Trip (1)130 AWZ Chitral-Quetta Trip (1)